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Elections Over!


Elections Over! Winners are…. Okay maybe the national, state and local elections are not over until November 6th but the student’s School Advisory Enhancement Council’s election at Forest Ridge Elementary is! I had the pleasure of speaking before the 5th grade schools at Forest Ridge Elementary school last week prior to their student candidate speeches and election. I shared with […]

We’re Back

Blog Update

We’re Back I promise you I have not been ignoring my blogging duties. Our server got invaded from Russia!  Well to be more precise we got hit by a malware attack.  It took some time to clean and restore the server but we are now back up and running It has been a busy couple […]

Student Internet & Mobile Device Policy

Students BYOT

Student Internet & Mobile Device Policy “Yes students will text, and students will learn!” Our history is filled with examples of persons saying, “Oh no if you allow that… this terrible thing will happen…”  When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press people feared that oral-tradition would die.  When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone people […]

State of the District 2012 Part 1

State of the District 2012 Part 1 Each year the Superintendent and her staff, at the request of the School Board,  present the State of the District reports during workshops.  There is a vast amount of information and data which requires these presentations to take place over two separate workshop meetings. I encourage you,  if […]