PTA issues Take Action Alert to push support for HB 311 and HB 427

PTA issues Take Action Alert to push support for HB 311 and HB 427

HB 311 and HB 427 reduces manadted testing and is good for students and teachers!

If you are for REDUCED MANDATED TESTING, increased alternatives and against student’s grades being tied to teacher evaluations then please PLEASE read!

Today the Florida PTA who represent over 300,000 Florida members made up of parents, grandparents, teachers and community members issued a plea to our legislature to support HB 311 and HB 427. (Read PTA message below.)

If the Florida House is crafting a large education bill with HB 7055, I implore them and us to encourage them to incorporate HB 311 and HB 427 into HB 7055.  BETTER YET, ASK THAT HB 311 AND HB 427 BE HEARD IN COMMITTEE.

Please contact legislators today!



Thank you for your continuing interest in Legislative session 2018!

This past week, the House has been pushing through HB 7055, which is a train bill similar to HB 7069. This legislation is steamrolling several bills into one, each of which should be heard on its own merit.

HB 311 and HB 427 are two good pieces of legislation that have yet to be heard in committee. This new legislation, respectively, provides alternative pathways to a standard high school diploma and will eliminate unneeded testing by allowing school districts to set teacher salary schedules removing the merit pay requirement currently in law.

The Florida PTA urges you to call your House Representative and urge them to support or co-sponsor HB 311 and HB 427.

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