Chronicle: State meddles in local control of schools

44382-10Chronicle: State meddles in local control of schools

New State law creates new challneges and cost for disticts.

Chronicle shares concerns of ever changing state laws governing curriculum selection in schools.
Parents very much should (and do) have a voice and choice in students’ curriculum. We must be careful about laws that over empower special interest on either side of issues, and of those trying to control the curriculum vital for our students to learn. While it is important to have public input, new statutes are costing some school boards and taxpayers as they are being tied up with numerous appeal processes and records requests. As exampled in this editorial, in Nassau County, Florida, a resident has challenged the teaching of evolution– the resident claims life was created by and possibly planted by SPACE ALIENS.

Read Chronicle Editorial Board’s Column publiched 12/11/2017 – ‘State meddles in local control of schools

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