Bipartisan Alternative High School Graduation Requirements

This is s a major step in the right direction.  Thank you Rep./Dr. Massullo for again running common sense legislation that put students first!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bipartisan Alternative High School Graduation Requirements


Massullo-Montford File Bill

IMG_6975Representative Ralph Massullo, MD (R) filed along with Senator Bill Montford (D), a bill (HB 311) that gives students who completed the minimum high school graduation credit requirements, but did not pass the grade 10 ELA assessment or the statewide, standardized Algebra I EOC assessment eligibility to complete an alternative pathway to a standard high school diploma.

This bill provides common sense alternatives for students to demonstration mastery of Florida’s high educational standards that are necessary to be competitive in our students’ future academic and career needs. “The current system mostly tests for college readiness but hinders students who are headed for more vocational fields. With a growing need for vocationally trained students, this bill allows additional pathways to graduation through different avenues of competency testing; avoiding the one size fits all Montfordgraduation requirements that are now in place.”-Ralph Massullo, MD. “Florida has been on the forefront of choice in education. Creating an alternative pathway for students who may not meet the traditional state testing requirements for a myriad of reasons, but who can show competence in other ways is just good common sense. Teachers and parents need a tool box to ensure the success of their students, not a one size fits all mode”, said Senator Bill Montford about the proposed legislation.

Currently, competent students are denied diplomas because of a single requirement (grade 10 ELA assessment or Algebra I EOC) that can be met by other means such as:

  • Receive an industry recognized credential or certification AND a combined level score of 13 points on the ACT WorkKeys Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information assessments
  • Master the academic standards not met, as indicated by not passing the standardized test, in a portfolio containing quantifiable evidence of mastery

Today, other states such as Ohio and North Carolina have similar pathways to graduation models in place. Demonstrating students’ academic mastery of standards through portfolios has been an effective alternative for Florida’s third-grade students. A student’s lack of a test taking skills or their failure to demonstrate mastery of the subject on a standardized test should not be a lifelong penalty. This bill expands alternative assessment of portfolio to demonstrate mastery to now include 10th grade ELA assessment or the statewide, standardized Algebra I EOC.

Massullo states, “It’s our hope that this bill will improve graduation rates, give plenty of opportunity for those who are not initially college bound and improve work force readiness as a state by improving skills training.” “Upon graduation they can be more competitive in obtaining a rewarding career.”

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