CRHS foreign exchange student swimmers honored at The Villages

CRHS foreign exchange student swimmers honored at The Villages

“plavat rychle” … “schnell schwimmen”

karinkaexchangestudentOur Foreign Exchange students are always a treat for the schools, district, teachers and most of all the other students.  Tonight I attended the Crystal River High School vs. The Village High School swim meet in The Villages, and at the meet the Village’s head Coach took time from the meet to introduce and honor three exchange students that were competing in the meet, two from CRHS and one from VHS.

Crystal River high school students; Sonja Luedemann from Germany and Alexandra Brezinova from Czechoslovakia, and The Village’s, Karinka Halikova from Czechoslovakia were welcomed.  The girls instantly clicked. It was marvelous to see the excitement and cheers from the other students as they were honored.  The ladies welcomed each other in the native languages and we enjoyed hearing the girls speaking in their Czech language. Friendship immediately developed and before leaving the girls exchanged swim caps as a memento of the meet!

You can watch the event by visiting this link:

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