​Post Hurricane Irma Monday afternoon Update

Post Hurricane Irma Monday afternoon Update

Capture1While there is still lots of evaluation to be done there is reason to be encouraged for both the community of Citrus county and our schools. At this time, no new official announcement on schools re-opening has taken place.  The Superintendent is meeting with other officials this afternoon and I look for additional information to be forthcoming.

There are several issues that as a school district we will be facing with regards to when School will return. One will be ensuring that the roads are safe for our buses and students to travel.  Another will be adequate time to restore the schools to a healthy and clean environment that were used to shelters have been restored. We also need to ensure that we have food for our students as many of those resources were used throughout the county to supply the shelters and many local families will have not been able to replenish their supplies either so our Food Service Department will be working to restore our supplies. That doesn’t begin to address the hundreds of other issues that our teams of district maintenance teams, administrators and staff will be addressed to ready our schools to re-open.

At this time, my personal prayers are directed for the protection of the Marine Science Station. The Station we believe faired okay flood wise during the storm. We’re hoping that this next high tide (around 8:00pm, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017) will still NOT be high enough to impact that facility. That facility is a true treasure for our educational system and vital for many students by positively impacting hands-on learning. The Academy of Environmental Science we feel is safe as those classrooms are on stilts.

I know many are interested in when school return and as soon as I know anything I will share with you.

Lastly, I know some will begin thinking about how these necessary days off will impact our school calendar.  While that is understandable, we will not know much right away.  The past practice of the Superintendent has been to apply for a waiver for some of the storm days.  After the information is known as to if and how many days may be excused by the state, then the district would then look at addition options. No specific days have been recommended yet, but there are options we do have in our calendar.  At this time, it is too early to have details on how or when we will make up the canceled days.

Thank you again for all the efforts for our community and schools!


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