Teacher: Public Schools Matter

Teacher: Public Schools Matter

CaptureI encourage you to read this excellent editorial by Citrus County teacher Donald Whitaker that runs in Saturday’s Citrus Chronicle.

Except from the editorial:

“Teachers strive to be the shining light down the future’s uncertain path, yet we cannot do this alone. We need parents to support us and our discipline in the classroom. We need to pressure our political parties to put forth candidates that want to improve lives of our students and will put forth measures allowing teachers to teach while holding us accountable for the things we can control. It is important to demand funding to rebuild damaged or aging schools, because no matter what anyone says, school environment does matter. We need to demand our support professionals (aides, bus drivers, lunch ladies, and custodians) earn a living wage so they can master their trades, while at the same time have the correct supplies to do their jobs correctly. We need to continue working as a community to push education. Not because every child needs to go to college, but every child needs the opportunity to have choices in life and understand what those choices are. Public education is a place for good, and without the help of the community we cannot succeed.”

Follow this link to read the entire editorial: https://spark.adobe.com/page/WER6xcJsW3KFn/

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