Get out the sunscreen… No doctor’s or parent’s note needed

20120322lnj1-suncreenGet out the sunscreenNo doctor’s or parent’s note needed

HB 7069 gives parents and students right to use sunscreen as needed

For a number of years I have pushed for more common sense laws with regard to over-the-counter products use in our schools.  Items like chapstick, cough drops, acetaminophen, and sunscreen should be items that students have easy access to have and use.  Some relief came this year in House Bill 7069 regarding sunscreen.

HB 7069 include the following improvement to Florida law, “Sun-protective measures in school. A student may possess and use a topical sunscreen product while on school property or at a school physician’s note or prescription if the product is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration for over counter use to limit ultraviolet light-induced skin damage.

This means the beginning this school year the school board will no longer be required to have students bring in a physician’s note, or require a Parent Permission for Sunscreen Authorization Form.

I am so excited about this issue and I am grateful that State Representative Ralph Massullo who is an M.D. and specialize in Dermatology, very much understood the importance of this issue.

It is my hope that more common sense improvements to over-the-counter products will be written into law in the future to further give students and parents choices on their students’ medical needs.


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