Common Sense High School Graduation Bill filed

Common Sense High School Graduation Bill filed

MassulloToday, Representative Ralph Massullo, MD filed HB407 one of the most positive, high school graduation requirement bills I have seen in years.

This bill would correct the reliance of students only passing a state test or getting a concordance score of the ACT in order to graduate high school.  Now students would have multiple pathways to standard high school diploma. In addition to meeting the course requirements, students could meet the graduation requirements by either passing the state Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), but also by instead by attaining an industry-recognized credential or certification, or demonstrating mastery the academic standards or competencies in a portfolio, or through receiving a high enough concordance score on numerous national and state assessments.

These multiple pathways mean that students will not be forced into a one size fits all graduation track.  Students can receive a high school diploma and career industry certifications which could lead to employment after high school.  Other students who excel in studies, but struggle passing exams would be able to demonstrate their mastery of standards through providing evidence of learning skills on multiple exams rather than a single state test.  All of this resulting in doing what is best for students.

We are grateful that Rep. Massullo listen to educators and filed this common sense legislation.  I encourage parents, teachers and students support this legislation and communicate that with your legislators.

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