CRHS, CHS and LHS FUG graduation rates all rise

CRHS, CHS and LHS FUG graduation rates all rise

Citrus County High Schools rose to 88% and 8.2% points higher from 2014-15

CaptureCitrus County High Schools got an early Holiday present with the release of the Federal Uniform Graduation (FUG) rates. The three high schools averaged an 88 percent FUG rate and 8.2 percentage points higher than 2014-15.

Crystal River High School’s FUG graduation rate climbed to 86.2 percent, an impressive 12.1 percentage points higher from 2014-15. Citrus High School’s FUG rate grow to 88.7 percent, a gain of 9.8 percentage points from 2014-15.  Last of the three high schools, Lecanto High School’s FUG rate was the highest at 89.2 percent, and 2.7 percentage points higher from 2014-15.

Including all of Citrus County’s high school programs, WTC, CREST, Cypress Creek Detention Center, Renaissance Center and the Citrus MYcroSchool Charter School, Citrus rose to 79.0 percent, 1.6 percentage points greater from 2014-15.

As impressive as these scores are (and they are), these Federal Uniform Graduation high school rates do not include all the successes from all the District’s completion programs.  If you combine all the District’s “Completion Rate”; those rates for this past year, are well over 90%. The Completion Rate includes these programs; district’s 4th-year graduates, G.E.D., 5th year graduates, Special Diploma, and Certificate of Completion (which replaced Special Diploma in 2015).

We are so proud of these successes and look forward to continuing to serve our college career bound students in these challenging times.

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