Miles comes home to LHS

Miles comes home to LHS

IMG_4254Young ladies showed up hours ahead of the doors opening at the Curtis Peterson Auditorium at Lecanto High School. Once the doors open hundreds of excited young people flood to a seat to wait for the event to begin.  It is reminiscent of watching old footage of a Beatles concert.  Who is this person that is garnering this attention? It is LHS 2005 alumni and now Hollywood movie star Miles Teller.

Miles graciously agreed to come back to his school and talk to students about his high school years at LHS, his college and theater training along with his his film career.

Andrew Caplan former educational correspondent for the Citrus Chronicle and now a reporter for the Gainesville Sun was instrumental in spearheading this event and was the interviewer for this event. In addition to Caplan, Shaunda Burdette, executive director of the Citrus County Education Foundation (CCEF) and the Foundation played a strong role in providing some surprises for Miles.  I want to also thank LHS Principal Jason Koon, who hosted the event and coordinated the tickets, facility and security.

IMG_4398From the moment Miles began sharing, it was evident he was here for these students.  Miles made it clear this was something he wanted to do for his LHS school and the students here.  Many may not realize today, but Miles was a 4.0 student who went to the highly respected New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Miles talked about the amazing opportunities that LHS provided and how they contributed greatly to his successes.  He talked about his teachers and coaches and the vital role they played in his life.  He shared about the powerful experience he had preforming at LHS theater under the direction of Beth Bedee.  Miles talked about the competitions he went to as part of LHS Theater Troupe 4009 where he was also president of the troupe.

IMG_1450Miles talked about following your passions, following your dreams.  He gave solid advice about those interested in acting and steps to begin with.  Specifically, he suggested to learn two contrasting monologues to perform at competitions and auditions.

I was so impressed with how much Miles shared and how enthusiastic he was.  Throughout the event he talked directly to the audience and to his former & current teachers and most of all the students.

IMG_4410During the event the CCEF arranged for a special video to be played for Miles from a former teacher who could not be there, his theater arts teacher, Beth Bedee.  The video was most moving and Mile seemed very touched.  Following the video, the CCEF presented to Miles a plaque to be displayed at LHS’s theater in requisition for Miles contributions to LHS.

IMG_1452Miles spent a great deal of time sharing about his love for Citrus county, how growing up here positively impacted his life and how he enjoys returning.  Miles shared that many of the friends he made while growing up in Citrus are the very people that are a part of his life today and play an important role in grounding him.

Over the years I felt like I got to know Miles not only by watching his movies but through those in the community that knew him well, like one of his childhood friend’s mother, Jane Decker whose son and their friends are still close with Miles.  But watching him share with the students and teach the students, I was most impressed.

I am so grateful that Miles came home to share at LHS.  I truly hope he comes back to LHS again soon.

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