Senate Education Committee adjourns

Senate Education Committee adjourns

Senator John LeggToday Chairman Senator John Legg has adjourned the Senate Educational Committee for the 2016 session. I am not disappointed that he adjourned the committee.  By adjourning some education bills I felt were NOT in the best interest of students and local school districts will die. These include; (SB 1002) a bill that would take local control away in determining recess, (HJR 759) a FL House attempt to take away local control and to create a statewide charter school authorizer, and (SJR 734) a bill to allow for the breakup of school districts.

Now we have to hope that no Legislators try to hold the State Budget hostage for their own personal agenda as they did last year. That is how $44 million was approved for the ACT/SAT bonus for teachers (a.k.a. Best & Brightest) and $10 million for school uniforms that school districts didn’t ask for.

Thank you Sen. Legg for recognizing it was time to adjourn.

To learn more read Jeffery Solochek, Tampa Bay Times, ‘Florida Senate Education Committee again won’t meet, killing several bills‘,

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