Chronicle: For our best, we’ve saved our worst

Chronicle: For our best, we’ve saved our worst

CRSsWZ6WoAAaOUb“…another inept attempt by state leaders to micromanage a profession they don’t understand and can’t be bothered to learn about.”

The Chronicle on Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 2015 published an excellent column by the Editorial Board regarding the Best and Brightest Scholarship program for teachers.

In the column the Chronicle Editorial Board says, “The Florida Department of Education, charged with chaperoning this zombie, is well aware of situations“, they go on to say,  “because there are a lot of them. It has clandestinely told districts to continue collecting applications in the event some executive action by Gov. Rick Scott spares teachers the thumb in the eye — unlikely, given Scott’s denial of a similar request Sept. 25 — but has provided no official guidance to districts, or to the teachers who spent their own money chasing an empty promise. The governor is similarly silent.” The commentary ends appropriately harshly by saying, “Lawmakers, bureaucrats, governor: Your state’s teachers deserve better.

I encourage you to read the the entire column by following this link;

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