FL Sen. Legg: stop harping (about FSA)

FL Sen. Legg: stop harping (about FSA)

a - John Legg_2The public has sent 45,000 letters saying the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) should not be used to grade anyone, and now Florida Sen. Legg says “stop harping” about the FSA.

This gives me hope that our messages are being hear by some, and that some in the Florida State Legislature are all finally on the defensive and having to answer for their decisions, their votes, and they don’t like it one bit. We only need to look at Senator Legg’s scolding to his committee that they are “done” with the conversation on FSA testing and he essentially told the public that he’s tired of hearing from the 45,000 constituents that have written him in the committee asking that the FSA not be used against students teachers and our schools. That’s more evidence to me that it’s time to continue to put on the heat, it’s time for us to continue to advance.

As FundFloridaNow.org reported, “After decades of micro-managing public education, Legg claims ‘there’s nothing the legislature can do.‘”

Not all our Florida Senators agree with Legg, the Politico Florida reports that, “Sen. Bill Montford, a Tallahassee Democrat who also heads the Florida Association of District School Superintendents, said he’s not satisfied. ‘This meeting today gave me no more comfort. In fact, it even gave me more questions about the process that was used, the conclusions that it came to'”.

KEEP THOSE LETTERS GOING!!!!! Email Senator Legg today; legg.john@flsenate.gov

Also CC your letter to Senator Bill Montford who truly does care; montford.bill@flsenate.gov

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