FRE Student’s Overtesting Speech

FRE Student’s Overtesting Speech

Forest Ridge Elementary School student Vincent Lahera received the superintendent’s Making a Difference Award for his speech, which he delivered at this Tuesday’s School Board meeting.

Here’s a excerpt:

“From the moment we step into third grade, all we hear about is the tests that determine our future. Then we hear we have to take it until we finish high school. Who are they kidding? Our biggest concern as 10-year-olds is who we’re going to play with at recess, and what we’re going to eat for lunch.

“Every Friday we have to take a test to prepare for a test like this. We have to field test the test before the test to see if the test is a good enough test for us to test on. The future of my education lays on this test.”

Watch the video below by clicking [play] or click here!

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