ChronicleOnlineL But newspapers are, too!

Sure, scissors, notebooks, pencils and crayons are all school supplies.

NIEBut newspapers are, too!

The Chronicle has partnered with Newspapers in Education, a nationally recognized collaborative effort between private and public schools and community newspapers to provide students with the opportunity to become more literate and knowledgeable citizens. NIE aims to enhance learning through real-life experiences relevant to students’ daily lives.

Newspapers encourage our students to be more active and involved citizens as adults, and it helps them to better understand the community and world in which we live,” said Citrus County School Board Chairman Thomas Kennedy.

Recently, Chronicle editorial staff members distributed 115 newspapers to students in third and fourth grades at Forest Ridge Elementary School in conjunction with NIE and Career Day.

NIE has provided the Chronicle a fantastic way to work with kids, hands-on and at their own level,” Chronicle features editor Logan Mosby said. “It is so important to introduce the joys of newspapers — from writing to photography to design — at such a young age.

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