Elections Over!

Elections Over!

Winners are….

Okay maybe the national, state and local elections are not over until November 6th but the student’s School Advisory Enhancement Council’s election at Forest Ridge Elementary is!

I had the pleasure of speaking before the 5th grade schools at Forest Ridge Elementary school last week prior to their student candidate speeches and election.

I shared with them about the responsibility of the council members representing all of the students of their school, not just their friends, or their 5th grade class. They must be a part of their school community, be an example, and be willing to share their students concerns and ideas even if they might have a different opinion.  I shared with the rest of the 5th grade students, who are the Voters, the responsibility they have to listen to the speeches and not choose the person just because they are their friend or that they simply like, but rather the person that appears to be willing to represent them and their schools’ best interest.

As the students gave their speeches I thoroughly enjoyed the microcosmic of our upcoming schools political elections.  Some students spoke how they would work to change the lunch menu, something they would have no power to do unless they were elected.  Some said that they would get more free play time, something that the state mandates to schools and not left to the council to decide.  Others tried to offer their ideas and their personalities came across as very likeable. One student that stood out to me was this young person that did not have a flashy speech and did not make any promises other than offering a way for students to communicate with him in the form of a box that would be in his classroom.   He explained that they could put suggestions and idea in the box for him to bring to SAEC meetings.  He said, I will make a commitment that I will always be fair and bring your concerns forward to the SAEC meetings.  I think we have an excellent representative in the making there!

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