Filter Youth

Filter Youth

“Motivate – Mentor – Modify!”

What might happen if you combined motor dirt bike riding with positive community mentors for at risk youth? You would have a program like Filter Youth Initiatives.  Filter is a newly established program in Citrus County to assist trouble young people. Filter is based on the National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) youth program.  NYPUM has been an effective means of motivating kids since it was founded in 1969. NYPUM combines the incentive of riding minibikes and the love of the outdoors with the support that comes with the relationships that develop among participants and their mentors. If the youth continues to progress with their behavior contract goals, then he/she will ride, if these expectations are not met, then the goals will be clarified and the youth will have to wait for the next opportunity to ride.

Filter began with the help of Citrus County Sheriff Deputy and School Resource Officer Joe Faherty.  Deputy Faherty has always been involved with youth programs.  Over ten years ago Deputy Faherty began the Citrus County Shop with a Cop program which has assisted over 250 under privileged kids to have a very Merry Christmas.  Deputy Faherty, at the beginning of each school year, can be found working with the “Stuff the Bus” program which helps needy students receive school supplies.  Deputy Faherty has wanted to have a youth program that would assist at risk youth in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.  Deputy Faherty could think of no better motivational project than of the Minibikes Filter Program.

Filter has now secured the location where they will function and has received a generous donation of minibikes from Honda.  They are in the process of establishing formal agreements with many youth and children services throughout Citrus County.

Visit their web site: to learn more or follow them on Facebook at

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