Vistor: Math Night at Forest Ridge takes students to grocery

Math Night at Forest Ridge takes students to grocery

By Claire Phillips Laxton for the Citrus County Chronicle Visitor

Shayna Cruz, who teaches at Forest Ridge Elementary, created a Math Night Scavenger Hunt for all students in grades third through fifth at her school that took place at Winn-Dixie in Beverly Hills recently.

Parents also enjoyed the evening of fun and learning and had comments such as, “Spending time with my kids at a fun and educational event with a hands-on approach was such a great way to learn,” said one parent. Another parent said, “I loved that math was included.”

About 200 students and parents attended the scavenger hunt where students had to find certain items in the store and solve the math problems.

Third-graders were asked to find out from each of the cashiers which sandwich they prefer – peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato or tuna.

Then, they completed a tally chart and filled in the graph with their answers by answering which sandwich got the most votes, what is the difference between the favorite sandwiches and the least favorite sandwiches and how many cashiers were surveyed in all. They were also asked about six more problems – all different – to solve during the event.

The problems were geared to student grade levels, with fifth-graders even using fractions with their problem solving answers. “We are teaching comprehension strategies to solve math problems, all while making math fun,” Cruz said.

After the scavenger hunt, everyone returned to the school for drinks and popcorn.

“This was a great way to get the parents involved,” said Cruz, who has been Teacher of the Year at her school besides winning numerous other awards.

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  1. Awesome idea by a great teacher!!