John Glenn: 50 years since first US orbit

John Glenn: 50 years since first US orbit

“I am a victim of very high expectation” ~John Glenn

This past Monday, Presidents’ Day 2012, was also the 50th Anniversary of when U.S. astronaut John Glenn orbited the earth in “Friendship 7”on February 20th, 1962. I had not been born yet when on September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech, “We choose to go to the Moon” thus challenging our great country to win the space race by successfully landing on the moon.  I was only a few months old July 20th, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr, landed on the moon.

When John Glenn was asked about his accomplishment,  he expressed his feelings by saying, “I am a victim of very high expectation”.  He does not credit himself with the success, but gives credit to others.  As a former United States Marine Corps pilot I believe he understood that success is not about one person but about the whole team.  President Kennedy put it this way, “expectation”!  He felt that scientists, engineers, pilots, and workers from every walk of life took ownership in the expectation and then achievement, and actually exceeded those expectations.  John Glenn saw himself as a person that played a part, and in the end, became an”American Idol” because of some of that success.

Expectations are set in education as well, often resulting in  much positive success.  In Educational Leadership we  establish expectations for our district schools and students.  The Superintendent and her Executive Team oversee the development of expectations and then our School Site Administrative Teams execute the expectations.  The teachers are on the frontline actively helping to achieve the expectations for our schools and students.  Along the way, staff at every level contributes to work in each of their areas, working to accomplish the expectations.  Like John Glenn’s orbit around the world, these successes do not simply just happen.

Our Citrus County Schools is an “A” district.  Citrus County Schools is a “High Performance School District”.  Every elementary and middle school last year received an “A” rating by the Florida Department of Education. Like John Glenn’s success in orbiting the earth, our accomplishments are because of our expectations.

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