Apps for Learning

Apps for Learning

As many of you know I have become a fan and avid user of my iPad.  I have been spending a great deal of time reading, testing and using Educational Apps in hopes of learning more about how we can best service our students.  I have so much appreciated the encouragement and assistance of our school district’s leadership teams including the Executive Team, School Board Members, our Technology Directors & Specialist and other Curriculum Administrators.

This past week our daughter was visiting one of our school administrator friends in their office and like all great educators took the opportunity for a teaching moment and shared with my 3rd grader daughter an outstanding iPad/iPhone Math App I want to share with you, Motion Math. I have since gotten this App for my daughter and she has enjoyed using it.  Motion Math was studied by Professor Michelle Riconscente, an expert in educational technology and assessment at University of Southern California, who has studied 122 fifth graders playing the iPad game Motion Math HD. The main findings were that Students who played the game for 20 minutes for five days improved an average of 15 % on a fractions test they took. (The items on the test were taken from National and International Standardized Tests.) In addition, Students’ attitudes towards fractions improved by10%.

I encourage you, if you have an iPad, iPhone or iTouch, to explore some of these additional Apps below.


BrainPOP Featured Movie
BrainPop is a popular program used at several of our schools.  This App lets your student watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz. Price: FREE

Destiny Quest
This is an App that you can use to access your Citrus County students school’s library collection.  After you download the App simply login using your student’s media center username and password. Price: FREE

Constitution for iPad/iPhone
This is another favorite App. It is the complete U.S. Constitution, organized by article, amendment, and author. In addition it includes background on proposed amendments through the ages that didn’t make it through the approval process.    Price: FREE

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