October 2011 Regular Board Meeting Review

October 2011 Regular Board Meeting Review

Not all Board meetings are alike.

Not all Board meetings are alike. That was my thoughts as we finished the regular Board meeting on October 11th, 2011.

After the opening exercise by Board Member Linda Powers, we had several presentations.  The first was a Presentation by the Nature Coast 9/12 out of Springs Hill, Florida.  I encourage you to read my separate blog on this presentation.

Our next presentation was to give directions to “Staff” on how to proceed with improving the vehicle circulation at Inverness Middle School during the entrance and exiting processes. After reviewing four options the Board voted not to spend any significant funds at this time. Instead we will spend a limited amount of funds on installing a gate and signage.  The school administrators and Board felt that by doing this we will be able to test the proposed options to see if they would really improve traffic control without spending the funds and later finding out whatever was spent on change didn’t work.  Look for a gate at the end of Middle School Drive in the not too distant future.  The gate will only be closed during specified periods.

Next the Board approved a Proclamation for Red Ribbon Week October 23rd -29th, 2011.  Representative from Partners for a Substance-Free Citrus were on hand to accept the proclamation.  Visit their web site www.SubstanceFreeCitrus.com to learn more.

The last presentation was the Insurance Committee’s recommendation for the 2012 Health Insurance Rate Structure. If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact me directly and I would be happy to listen and share with you.

The Board also approved to Adopt/Amend the district school board member residence areas/districts as required by Florida Statue 1001.36.  This identifies the districts/areas where board members must live in order to run for a specific school board seat.  This is part of the whole state wide re-districting that is going on.  Only a few minor amendments were made in Citrus County.  The largest change was in my own district in the Pine Ridge area although it did not affect me.  In addition to the recommended, Florida Statue amendments also prohibit making changes in a district that would “un-seat” a sitting elected official.

Salary schedules for Administrative, Non-Union Support, Professional Technical and Teamsters Support and Professionals were approved.

Our next board meeting, which will be a Special Meeting and Workshop, is scheduled for October 25th, 2011 beginning at 9:00am. (Click here for the agenda)

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