Baynews9: CRMS students learn about the environment — from high schoolers

By Ferdinand Zogbaum, Reporter
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CRYSTAL RIVER — A program in Citrus County is getting middle school students out on the water to learn how to protect the environment, but there’s a catch – other students are doing the teaching.

Elisabeth Veal is a junior at the Academy of Environmental Science in Citrus County, but when she’s out on the water, she’s the teacher.

Veal and some of her fellow high schoolers are teaching a group of middle schoolers about the human impact on water quality.

“It’s good that we get the chance to tell them what they are doing so they can help make a difference,” said Veal.

The students use scientific equipment to do their research, like the Turbidimeter and Nansen Bottle. They also take part in a few different workshops that take place out in the field and in the classroom.


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