CRP & RCE 10/20/2010

I had an enjoyable visit to Crystal River Primary on Wednesday, October, 20, 2010.  Crystal Primary is going through extensive renovation right now.  In the next several weeks  some students will move into newly renovated classrooms and others will move out of temporary class space.  Principal Eddie Speight and the entire CRP Administrative team are doing an amazing job at keeping up with the many challenges this renovation program presents and minimizing its impact on the students.  When completed, CRP will feel much like a new campus with the front of the school relocated to Crystal Street, the same as both the Crystal River Middle School and the Coastal Library.

“Rock Crusher Ready”, was the saying when I visited Rock Crusher Elementary (RCE) on Wednesday, October, 20, 2010.  I always enjoy my visits to RCE and  Wednesday was no exception.  Principal John Weed and I talked about many of the great programs RCE is doing and the positive results so far this year.  Then we went through many of the classrooms to see our students and educators in action.  Outside ,  Mr. James Wellborn and his Reach class were flying specially made airplanes they had been designing and building in class.  After airplanes the class will begin designing and building model rockets to fly.  One of the first things I noticed as I came on campus was the new walking track that was being installed.  The school district applied and receive grant monies to install a walking track at some of the elementary schools in the district.  Schools that did not have the room for the walking tracks had their bus lanes stripped as a walking track.  Many of our elementary schools had after school walking and running clubs and these tracks are a welcome addition.

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