WSJ/NBC Survey: Grades for Schools

Citrus County School District is an “A” graded district for the State of Florida. While the bulk of this article doesn’t necessary apply to Citrus schools it does have some interesting figures and information. THOMAS

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A new WSJ/NBC News poll shows Americans give the nation’s public schools a GPA of 1.8 – not failing, but clearly in need of remediation.

Asked to grade the nation’s public schools using the common scale for students – A, B, C, D and F – only 2% of those surveyed gave them an A; 17% a B; almost half, 45%, said C; 25% a D, and 7% said F. Asked about the schools in their own communities, respondents handed out better grades: an overall GPA of 2.3, with 13% giving an A; 32% a B; 27% a C; 15% a D, and 9% an F.


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