Is another new train bill’s whistle starting to blow?

Is another new train bill’s whistle starting to blow?  

2017 educational train bill may be getting ready to pull out of the station

a28a097187a9bf81e1263f276934e6e1Last year Florida saw the passage of HB7029, a “train bill” that wreak havoc for Florida public education. (see blog; Legislators are boarding a ‘Chartered Train’ Wreck, Feb. 28, 2016)

Many right now having begun to express that they are anticipating the creating of at least one “train” of education bills this legislative session– combining all or part of several bills into one omnibus “train bill”.

How this can happen? In general, to be eligible to be added to a train, in some cases, legislators are satisfied if a bill has passed at least one committee of reference while, in other cases, the more stringent requirement that a bill pass all committees of reference is pursued.  But, in either case, there are always exceptions and ways to work around these general practices, particularly as time begins to grow short toward the end of the session.  These efforts to move bills through committees of reference and line up amendments to bills that are moving will continue and happen rapidly in the coming weeks.

We need to be watching for this protentional train that is coming.  Florida public education doesn’t need another train wreck like last year.

Please continue to speak up to Legislators.  Again, we have some fair minded-common sense leaders locally representing us in Senate Simpson and Rep. Massullo, but they cannot do this heavy lifting without other good legislators.

Follow these links to contact our State Senators and State Representatives.

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