Chronicle Weighs in on Charter Bills

40341-12Chronicle Weighs in on Charter Bills

Chronicle: “Transfer of $200 million to charter schools stands only to weaken public schools, harm Florida’s students and potentially enrich connected lawmakers”

I encourage you to please read this important and excellent op-ed column by the Citrus Chronicle Editorial Board, “Charter Push a Betrayal of Public School Students”, published in Thursday, April 13, 2017,

I want to thank the Chronicle Editorial Board for once again clearly understanding the continual tragedy the Florida Legislature is doing to public education and for the wrongful bias towards charter schools.

Keep in mind that HB 15/SB 1314 and HB 5105 charter capital funding is on top of the House budget proposal would provide $100 million in PECO (Public Educational Capital Outlay) funding for the maintenance and repair of charter schools and only $20 million for public schools. The Senate budget is the same as last year that provides $75 million each to charter and public schools.

Let’s not forget the attendance differences, there are about 300,000 Florida charter school students, compared to approximately 2.7 million Florida public school students.

Please continue to speak up to Legislators.  Again, we have some fair minded-common sense leaders locally representing us in Senate Simpson and Rep. Massullo, but they cannot do this heavy lifting without other good legislators.

Follow these links to contact our State Senators and State Representatives.

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