Gradebook Podcast tals to FSBA about 2017 Legislature

Gradebook Podcast tals to FSBA about 2017 Legislature

Andrea-Messena-2015Please listen to the Tampa Bay Times Gradebook podcast with host Time Education Reporter, Jeffrey Solochek as he interviews Florida School Boards Association’s executive director Andrea Messina to talk about the current Florida Legislative session.

Ms. Messina I have the highest respect for and she is one of our state’s leading public educational policy experts.  Ms. Messina is a former English teacher, Charlotte County School Board Member, and FSBA Professional Development Coordinator.  She was my new school board member, teacher when I was first elected to office and she is still someone I reach out to on many school board issues.

This Gradebook podcast addresses several issues that the Florida legislature is working on– in particular, capital dollar funding for school districts.

Ms. Messina does an excellent job explaining how current proposed legislation looks to further reduce, the already reduced capital funding to local school districts.

Please take the time and listen to the Gradebook Podcast:

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